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It just dawned on me that I have been reading and writing on a blog regarding air travel for some years and did not give it much thought until reading this section of the material on blogs in our K-12 Learning course. What has always been apparent to me is the highly interactive nature of blog posting and commenting: not only in terms of feedback to the original author but with a great deal of back and forth between the blog readers and, in fact, I like to call them the blog “participants”. It is a highly interactive exchange, written in a multitude of styles, sometimes rather formal but often more conversational. I think that blogging allows for a real exchange of thoughts in this way and allows for ongoing dialogue.  This was most apparent in the voluminous response to the dy/dan “no homework” blog.

In addition, I am most impressed with the empowering ability of blogs for children to have a voice and to get remarkably supportive feedback, such as for Patrick in his blog on the challenges facing him at school or in the sweet and hopeful photo montage presented by a young girl in their blog Dear Kaia and Skyelar.

A powerful tool and a wonderful source of information, debate, encouragement and hope.

3 thoughts on “Thing 4.0 Explore some uses of blogs

  1. It is encouraging to see Heads of schools learning the new tools along with teachers and support staff. Thank you.

  2. The dy/dan no homework blog was so extensive that I changed my mind several times reading it. That sounds reasonable, no that sounds reasonable left me spinning for my own ideas.

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